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HI Toons NFT Unique Digital Asset


Own a unique digital asset ! HI Toons NFTs is a collection of lovable unique NFT characters. Unique digital collectibles living in the E-Blockchain.
Joined November 2021

HI Toons is available for purchase on OpenSea. A unique collection of love projecting characters. Each fun and funky character projects words of love , wisdom and creativity. Check them out ! Which is your favorite?

Owners perks on owning a HI Toons NFT digital asset: XHD Investment LLC current perks and discounts which includes

🔹HI Future Clothing
🔹House of XYZ
🔹PaintedT on Instagram
🔹Golden Calendars on Instagram (charity/nonprofit business that produces aids for individuals with Alzheimer's/ Dementia)

Check out HI Toons openSea profile:

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HI Toons on OpenSea in order to make an offer or purchase a unique digital asset.

Created by 8 year old identical twins Hector and Ivan.
These guys are the inspiration behind HI Future Clothing and storybook Sleep with Night (available for purchase on the site!).

Follow them on Instagram @hectornivan2

Current price for each NFT is set to .01
Ethereum equivalent to about $ 38.14 USD currently and requires setting up a crypto wallet.
Invest in the future of crypto art / digital currency and become part of our network family.

Purchase website:

Do not purchase on this website.
Purchase is only valid on OpenSea where a digital token can be bought*

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